an idea

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so sometimes i wanna change my name to something cool like houston. then i can be like "you wanna go south of houston?" hardy har har har. anyways but ya. id prolly have houston/rose. just because that's my middle name and i like it. its funny because i know another person named elyse. she spells it with a y (obviously). fun stuff. oh and we're kindred spirits. just so you know. its awesome. why is it that i think that everyone's gay? i love assuming people are gay until i find out otherwise. it might not be beneficial for them but it works for me.


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if it works then i cant bee

if it works then i cant bee all bad!

"And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb. What a stupid Lamb. What a sick, masochistic Lion." - - - Twilight

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haha i do that too! but

haha i do that too! but maybe just because it's been proven that every person has a teensy bit of bisexuality about them, even if they ignore it. ;D