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be way great to be a snail....or with a snail.

im seeing Guy in two and a half four...still no breaking my own records here...aren't you all so proud? im de-whoring!

Actually Im started to get a bit...iffy...about Guy, dunno why really...certainlly there's no butterflies or sparks...but then I don't think i'd feel those with anybody right now, the only thing that really excites me these days is cake...which i soo don't touch....but eh? i only ate today at 4 30...before 4 30 i had nothing but a cup of coffee and a bottle of coke zero....:( it's not a's me being busy....and poor. But Guy's good...he's the best looking guy i've dated yet (emphasis on dates...i've fucked hotter, but not dated...Guy Is even better looking than Ohad)....he's really quite but i think i might be hung up on David....he's been away for a few days now and it's a little bit like torture...i miss him a lot, fantacise about him and what not. It's unhealthy...i'll ignore it and stick to Guy for now...maybe the passion will come a little later...maybe after one of those people who actually needs sex to feel like im close to a guy....perhaps because i know how empty words can be.

on a less depressing note...the teacher sort of liked my painting, but one of the students loved it and asked to have it...i gave it to him..after all what the fuck am i going to do with a painting of a fucking bottle of Gin.

i need sleep...gonna snooze a little i think, before i get ready to see Guy...i want to take him to dinner tonight, and if he doesn't make out with me he's in deep shit, i've four no shortage of people currently on the waiting list because of him...he's far from irreplaceable.

fuuuck fallign asleep...mwah you...and boys..don't become me!


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Not sure what to say to that

Not sure what to say to that except good luck and hey I'm back! How is everyone? OR wait rather how are you? Besides the boyfriend thing which I know for a fact will all get settled, just maybe you shouldn't try to rush things, you know?
Come Josephine in my flying machine
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