Being my stupid apologetic self (this is not worth your time)...

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Well, for anyone who cares
I am so pissed off at everyone and I feel like puking. It feels like there is something that has latched it's-self onto my chest and is crushing the space just below my neck over my thymus. I've felt like that all week so sue me.

Who in the world cares?
Maybe just telling the internet will make it better.


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shut up...

shut up you stupid bitch no-one likes you.

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Go away already.

Yeah, that totally helps.

who asked for your stupid opinion in the first place.
All I'm doing is trying to feel better. Just mind your own business.

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you make me...

...want to shoot myself in the head!!!!!!!!!!
Why did you do that to me?

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Seriously, what's your problem anyways?
You know I hate you, so just stay AWAY!!!!!
And you know what? I didn't mean to do that, I thought I was doing it right, so why don't you just shut your big fat mouth and go crawl in a ditch and go ahead and SHOOT YOURSELF!

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you're all apologetic now, you selfish bastard. I never want to see you again!
Everything always has to be just so, everything always has to be perfect. Otherwise, you go all emo and retarded and fuck something up!