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Okay so I had some awesome coffee with a friend. It was raspberry and chocolate flavored. Deliciousness. I also had some really good salads lately. I must say that the broccoli salad and the pasta/artichoke salads worked quite well on my taste buds. I must say that I think that my taste buds were dancing to the flavor of the salads. I'm getting a little bit carried away. Food works for me.

So I broke the whole eating only vegetarian food at midnight. That was fun. It was with a grilled ham and three-cheese sandwhich that I ate at the time.

I cannot wait until tomorrow. I'm thinking I'm going to dress girly and wear a dress to church. I think that would work for me. I hope so at least. It's white and blue. Either that or I'll wear a different dress. I'm obsessing about clothes again. This isn't good.

I'm having salmon tomorrow for dinner. I know it seems weird, but it works. I need to start eating meat in small amounts so that my body can adjust to it (not that I wasn't already eating fish before). But anyways. That's a different story.

Happy Easter.


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Happy Easter!

Raspberry and chocolate flavored coffee? Wouldn't that be a mocha?
Sounds tasty anyways. <3

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no its gourmet coffee. the

no its gourmet coffee. the beans are flavored with raspberry and chocolate. at least that's what i was told. it was good. but ya. quite similar idea.

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Oh, ok. ><

Oh, ok.