Can't Write to Relatives...

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Ok guys I guess this is a trust test kinda thing. See I’d like to email my relatives, cause I want to talk to them, a couple in particular. But it’s Easter and my family is religious so I feel like I would be imposing to call them today when they probably have their own thing going on.

So I started to write the email and realized that I would just be bullshitting about things that aren’t of any real importance. Not an issue really, except I have this thing where I constantly feel like anything I should happen to email my relatives should be of purpose or have some kind of power in the message. So since that wasn’t going to happen, because I did that just the other night, I stopped writing and thought about things for a while.

That’s when I realized I have this huge ass audience waiting to read anything posted on the site just sitting around. I thought, well they certainly won’t care if I take the time to rant on the site. So here I am writing away.

First of all I don’t feel like I accomplished enough today. I got about 1 and a ½ things done if not just a little more. That was: filling out a mock job application, which I feel like I could have done better at but is done. And: getting part of this assignment done for my college class document and form design. I suppose it’s a good thing I said that I would wake up early to work on some of the stuff with a fellow student but I still wish I could have just got it done myself. I need to be more self sufficient.

So on top of the fact that I didn’t accomplish much today, that I feel like I’d waste my relatives time just to talk or write to them today, I wasted money as well. Money I didn’t actually have on top of that. That’s keeping the story short anyway. That’s something I couldn’t tell my relatives about because they would just hound me then, cause I’m a spender of sorts. Not a multimillion dollar one, just a middle class spender.

A big chunk of my day was spent with one of my girl friend’s boyfriend. I’m not attracted to him, for the record. He’s someone I can comfortably spend time with anyway, so I try to when I’m in need. He came over to play some pool with me but I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking me to barns and noble to buy a CD, long discussion short, he said yes. So I went to B&N and bought Coldplay’s newest CD, the special edition one with Prospekts March in it as well. I didn’t NEED to buy the CD but I chose to, so will live with the consequences. I then bought him food at McDonalds, to give him something for the trip to B&N. THEN we played pool, for some time, before we split up and now I’m here and alone for the rest of the night so it seems. I doubt he’ll come back with a movie to watch.

I don’t know what to do now. I suppose I’ll watch Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist but I just don’t feel the want in doing it. I suppose I’ll eat something, but I don’t truly feel hungry any way. I probably won’t even work on homework because it’s the end of the day. Go figure, what a waste. I have time to do something productive and I don’t.

Anyway I suppose I’ll let you guys get to another post now. Later.


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awww poor D. i will

awww poor D. i will try to keep you entertained but i don't have much time left to stay up. parentals will kick me out of their room soon. and just tell them. that in and of itself is important.

"Love is patent. Love is kind." I will wait for you and I to be together. I will wait untill the end of the earth if I must!