Day of Silence

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Yay my first post. :)

Anyways, so tomorrow is Day of Silence at my school. I was thinking of doing something like this: and not talk all day,
but I don't know if I should.
I am not exactly out of the closet at school yet (only out to a few friends), and I don't think I want to be. I'm not sure if people would be very accepting since I don't know of many gay people at my school. If I do do that, people will all be like, "Are you gay?" and give me weird looks, and I hate that. Do you have to be gay to support gay rights? No. A few of my friends already think I'm gay, and I don't want them spreading rumors. Even though people say they won't treat you differently if you're gay, they still do. I don't know what my school's doing to break the silence either. My school sucks.

Speaking of school sucking, I have a C+ in English. Report cards are gonna be sent home next week. My parents are gonna kill me.