Day of Silence Approaches!

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So, our school (private, all-girls) doesn't have a GSA or anything like that, but I'm organizing our Day of Silence (which is Friday, April 17th, for all who don't know). Check out the website if you haven't heard of it: . :)

It's an awesome event, and I wondered: how are any of you observing it at your schools? What kind of events are there?

This year, here, we have our Spring Fling in the afternoon, so we're just doing silence during the half-day of classes and then Breaking the Silence at lunch. I'm looking forward to it, because even the homophobes are generally pretty nice about it when they see how many people are participating....I'm hoping for a good turnout. :) It's all pretty last-minute for us, since we had this past week off from school and I'd been doing student-run drama productions up til April 1st, but it's happening!

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Ok, so I was brilliant and

Ok, so I was brilliant and hid the link. :P

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My school is too lame to do anything.

There are posters around saying 'Sign up for day of silence!', but I doubt anyone will. I think it'll just be a normal day... Which really sucks.

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I don't think anyone has

I don't think anyone has heard from Day of Silence here.

Hmm.. I just realised I got my teacher to plan my presentation on Monday instead of on Friday. That was more because I have an exam on Thursday than anything else, though.

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We're on spring break so

We're on spring break so ours is the day we come back [4/20.. ha..]. GSA sells t-shirts and in the past a lot of people have bought them. I've never actually participated before. I will this year but feel terrible because I haven't gone to a bunch of GSA meetings and don't even know what's going on.