Every good party ends in tears/Stupid Drama

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Last night I went to one of my best friend's sweet sixteen party and was having a great time. A lot of my friends were there and we watched movies, threw confetti eggs, and talked about random shit. I unintentionally just had to go and start some drama. My other friend had been texting me the whole time for whatever reason and she texted me something about the girl I like who was also there and I just turned and asked her what it was supposed to mean. And of course everyone stopped and turned to look at me, including of course M, the girl I've liked since 8th grade. Now M and my other friend do not get along, and have fought several times over the 2 years they've known each other. Of course I know this so I just say "never mind sorry" which of course doesn't go over with her. She just doesn't look at me for a while, saving a few looks of annoyance. Later on, she cornered me and told me that I was the one who kept continuing this shit and that I needed to learn to leave it alone. She left soon after and when I called her to apologize she just said ok and hung up. I'm not going to lie and say I had no clue what I was doing and oh poor me, why? Ive been thinking of ways I could stop being friends with M for a long time just because its what I do when I know a straight girl will never like me back and its just too much to deal with. This wasn't one of them of course but it seemed like it could be just looking at how annoyed and pissed off I had made her. She breaks off friendships pretty easy. I already miss her though like its already long over and its way more than I expected. I really wish I could stop myself from liking girls. I'm tired of all this. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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if I KNEW THESE ANSWERS my life would be drama free too hang in there and if you need to talk pm me
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