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Today I was asked what I'm afraid of and why does it frighten me? . In this particular situation I took it to mean something deeper than Spiders, heights, and the like. So I said I was afraid of failing and disappointing people. Although the minute I said it I was disagreeing with it. Because I'm not really afraid of those things, it sorta came out wrong. But anyways, I had to share first with my workshop class and I felt like a fool because basically everyone else said those basic fears "Heights and that". Do you guys think that was a stupid fear to say? What would you have said? Here's partial explanation for my idiotic quote of the day....

I'm in this workshop this week. It's all about how to be a good employee and keep your job and stuff like that. So, we watched this little cartoon movie that had mice and very tiny people (Seriously, I'm not kidding!) then afterward we had this sheet with questions to fill out. The questions are like this:

What's holding you back from succeeding?

What's your cheese(Basically what do you want in life, what's important to you)?

Then there's the one question about your fears and why do they frighten you. So, were in a group about job retention and we're talking about serious things so my thoughts are that the logical fears would be things to do with jobs, family, real-life serious things. NOT things like small spaces, spiders, sharks, heights. You know? Am I wrong here?

Then again by the time that our class started it was like 1:30pm, I hadn't ate at all, and I had just woken up about an hour and a half before, so maybe those are to blame. OR I'm a complete idiot, there's always that :P

I've been kinda beating myself up over it all day. I just feel stupid. Because a) I said something completely different than everyone else and I took a deeper meaning to the questions and b) My fear didn't come out right.

And people wonder why I don't open my mouth more. THIS is why!!!

Anyways....This was a very long post. But I needed to vent and I wanted your guys opinions if you have them.