God, Guns and Gays

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The greatest threat to human existence is human existence.

The very idea of man vs. man being the great conflict of life is ridiculous, right? Shouldn't the conflict be something like man vs. bear? I mean, yeah, bears will fucking eat you! Man should be working together to kill the bears!

That point aside, I lost faith in humanity today when I watched some Fox News clips on YouTube. From those clips I gathered that the top three things affecting our freedom today are non-believers (of Christianity, that is), gun control laws and the homosexual agenda.

People are actually arguing that American freedom is lacking if gun control is enacted? What about the freedom of the shop owner shot by a thug who wanted some free cigarettes and the $20 in the register? But hey, it's that thug's right to have a gun.

The only reason why rednecks are fighting for their guns is so they can shoot deer. Fucking hicks.

When did hatred become a family value? My parents raised me to be loving of everybody, regardless of their "lifestyle". Sure, their opinion of gays used to be kind of off but they always enforced love and kindness.

O'Reilly, however, is against tolerance of gays. He opposes GSAs because they promote tolerance. Not necessarily acceptance, but tolerance. WTF, Jesus? Why even let a man like this on television?

The world sucks so much.