GSA Convention

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I've been helping to plan a GSA convention for kids in the St. Louis area for the past several months, and the convention was held last Saturday. About 200 kids showed up. I achieved one of my life goals at the convention - to meet a transgendered person. I've just always been interested in trans people but never actually met someone who is. Amazingly enough, I met a M2F woman from the St. Louis Gender Foundation who volunteered to speak at my GSA! That's another thing that's always been a big goal of mine - to get a guest speaker for the club and help the kids there realize that gay rights is way bigger than just our school! Good times.

Oh, and 2 guys from the convention asked me out, haha. I respectfully declined...unfortunately neither were very attractive! Plus I'm leaving for college pretty soon here.


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I think GSA's are stupid. At

I think GSA's are stupid. At least in my school, because in all actuality, it's not needed. Naturally, a GSA is a place for support for the LGBTTQQ minorities, but there doesn't need to be a place for support, because well, the entirety of my school is a walking, living and breathing support system. My friend, from another school, came to watch my school and his remarks were "This is a school? It seems more like a family." We don't have any of the TT's in my school. But at OutRight (Burlington area LGBTTQQ organization), when people get together, there's plenty of TT's.

But congrats! That sounds fantastic that you were able to organize that. I'm the type of person that can't do that. It's not that I'm not resourceful or anything, but, instead, it's because I get bored of it. I like to have a myriad of things to be the centerfold in my life, and unfortunately, because of that, the things that are the centerfold in my life are always in flux.

But, I'm really impressed that you were able to pull it off. What were people's reactions to it? Did they enjoy it? Did they feel it worthwhile?

Seriously though, kids asked you out? I tend to feel that a first date (and in most situations, a second and third would be good), or a common history of friendship is needed to ask someone out.

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Congrats dude! No one can

Congrats dude!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt