having hott flashbax

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ok so i am listening to footlooses' soundtrack! awesomeness! i know right? i luv it so much. i saw it a really long time ago but i just enjoy listening to it so much. its like a drug im telling you. u don't need that stuff to be happy (psa for the day). its just the rock n roll that u need (not that drugs n rock n' roll aren't gonna happen at time). just sayin biotches. i seem to be misspelling things a lot lately. thats ok. i don't care. get ova it! so wazzup wit u? i have problems with saying wazzzuppp!?? that was my tagline n then i changed it. oh wells. i seem to have problems w/ putting plurals where ur not supposed to. idk y. it won't hurt ne1 except 4 those who can b damaged by reading things that r not written correctly. i no. thats a lot of ppl i could b damaging. im sorry. just call 911 n b like "i was just fatally injured by this 1 biotch who totes ruined my vocabulary." they'll b all "name n adress pls" n then stage whisper "5th 1 tonight! gosh!" whatevs. get ova it! (haha ova isn't spelled wrong!) uhoh. im doin that thing from seinfeld where u add too many exclamation pts! whoopsy daisy! i promise i won't do it eva again. ok i shouldn't make promises i can't keep.

so i've been trying the whole vegatarian thing. its not working out for me. mostly bc every1 at my household is jealous that they aren't cool like. im all, if you wanna be 1 like me then u should just hunker down and do it. its not a big deal. i just don't think i like boca burgers. i think that i ate the wrong kind. i think i like the spicy ones better. idk. we'll see. i think im just gonna have to you know spend all my money buying things from whole foods like usual. its a good investment at least.

"I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero til the morning light."