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You're reading the journal of one of USC's newest line of trustee scholars - I'll receive full tuition at the University of Southern California in LA for four years. =]

I've been worrying over the question of whether I can go to USC or not for about a year now. I thought it was next to impossible. Much to my surprise, however, the obstacles fell beneath me one by one. The school has just a 15-20% acceptance rate - but I was accepted. The screenwriting program only takes 25 kids a year - yet I got in. And the $50,000 cost per year - by far the biggest barrier I had to overcome - was nullified yesterday with this scholarship. With $38,000 of tuition out of the way, my family can definitely handle the $12,000 a year for room and board.

I've always been a dreamer, yet I've also always been told that dreams seldom come true. I remember last summer when I first told my family about my plans to go to USC and become a screenwriter. They tore me to shreds. My favorite part was when they were berating me over how I thought we could afford a $50,000 per year college, and after I told them I could get scholarships, my mother said, "You think you could get scholarships? You'll find out pretty quickly that you're not that special."

My dad's also been telling me for the past year that I wouldn't get in to the school or screenwriting program and that even if I did, I'm not "ready" for the city. He thinks I'd be a better fit for a small Midwestern town. Oh yeah, because the Midwest is just crawling with gay, Buddhist vegetarians.

I'm so overjoyed that I can at last achieve my dream and prove my family and the forces of pessimism wrong; that I can escape from the shadow that this town and my parents continually drape over me. I can be free.

I know that this is only the beginning. I have so much hard work ahead of me - not only do I want to be one of the greatest writers of my generation - screen-related or otherwise - but I want to produce work that features honest portrayals of gay characters AND reaches a mainstream market. Honestly, I believe the latter will be more difficult than the former. But I'm not done dreaming. I've fooled fate once, and I dare to do it again.


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That's ma boy! WOO

That's ma boy! WOO HOO!!!!!!


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congrats dude...

that's AWESOME!

enjoy USC!

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well done!! That is very

well done!! That is very awesome!!

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Very cool...

What did the parents have to say?

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My mom was actually really,

My mom was actually really, really excited. Shocker. My dad I just told over the phone, and all he had to say was, "Very nice. Good job." I'm just hoping I don't have to bicker excessively with him so I can go.

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One word: bravo! " . . . The

One word: bravo!

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