I have editing problems...

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So yeah. I went to the mall with my gay friend B. It was awesome as usual. He's awesome and I'm awesome so yeah. We go together like two peas in a pod (not like that). If were to try and fuck each other, it would be like that one episode of Will and Grace where they are trying to get pregnant. Awkward!

Edit: I bought rainbow socks today at Claire's. (I forgot to tell you guys that).

Anyways. I might be attracted to my bro's friend Z. I don't know though. For some reason, I'm always attracted to assholes when it comes to guys (well maybe just recently at least). Bad boyz : )

So yeah. I don't know how I feel about my gender identity at the moment. I feel like a butch lesbian at the moment, though. I might put my facebook back as interested in women. I guess that would be a good idea.

It's possible that I'm living in the dorms this fall. I'm hoping so at least. I hate living with my parents. It sucks so much, you do not even know. Maybe I should "get outta California. Tired of the weather." Okay, so I don't live in California but I felt like referencing that song because it's awesome.

So yeah. The ball was awesome even though my friend T was unable to make it (the sexy man who happens to be black).

He is a very beautiful man by the way and he's a model. Somehow he's not an asshole to my knowledge, but he smokes pot which poses a problem for me.

Edit: Forgot to tell you I saw S (yes I actually do go on dates with girls). Apparently, I lost her number and yeah. Now we're going to the mall together after the semester's done (I know it's high-school-ish but I'm okay with that at the moment.)

Edit: Stupid question for grammar geeks:

Do I put the period inside or outside the parentheses? Thanks in advance.

I'm thinking of changing my major to English specializing in writing with a minor in Spanish because the Spanish department sucks at my university.

So I talked to my good friend L's mom tonight. That really helped me sort some things out when it comes to college and stuff. She was, of course, mentioning the fact that I need to get my GPA up. I already knew that, but it's okay.

I would still want to be a teacher, but I just need to change the focus of my studies which I am totally for.

And yes, just so you know, fucking motherfuckers is a repetitive statement. I was angry-faced at the time and I don't like it when people correct statements that are not meant to be grammatically correct. It's okay though.

So yeah. My laptop dropped today. So I apparently need a new hard drive. I guess I'm going to need to like get some money from someone since I have almost run out. Literally. I'm down to like a very small amount at the moment and I don't pay for that much shit. It sucks.

Edit: I talked to my bro and since it's been less than a year since I bought it, I can prolly get it fixed if I don't tell them I dropped it since the screen is still in tact and you can't really tell that it is damaged.


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*is grammar geek*

Inside the parenthesis.

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You don't know how much that

You don't know how much that helps me.

I radiate music from my core.

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Welcomes... <3

Welcomes... <3

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If what's inside the

If what's inside the parentheses is a separate sentence, the period goes inside. (This, for example, is a separate thought. Sort of.) But, if what's in the parentheses is part of the sentence, then the period goes outside (as it does here).

I hope that helps; I'm too sleepy to explain well.

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