I need your tech help

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If anyone can help answer this I would be forever thankful =)

When I'm not using my computer I turn off the monitor. Recently though, sometimes when I turn the monitor back on it says "No input" and it then gos to sleep, but the computer itself is still running. I then have to restart the computer by holding the button on the tower. Does anyone know what's going on here? And how I can help this?

It only started doing this over the past couple months or so (I think) and it seems to be happening more often recently.


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Do you have your computer

Do you have your computer set to go to sleep/stand-by? If it goes into stand-by/sleep mode, then the video card is most likely not pushing out a signal to your monitor, which is the equivalency of "no input".

Do you try waking up your computer when the monitor reads "no input". If not, then it needs to receive a signal to wake up (like a keystroke or mouse movement).

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Mac or Windows? " . . . The

Mac or Windows?

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If it's in stand-by, and

If it's in stand-by, and it's a desktop, you should just be able to move the mouse around, or hit a key. If you put it into hibernate, then you need to hit the power button. hibernate it like turning it off so that it doesn't consume power and boots faster than a cold boot. If it's a laptop, then most likely you need to push the power button to get it out of stand-by.

If it isn't in stand-by, but you just leave the computer on and turn the moniter off, then most likely you have the settings set for it to turn monitor signal off after a certain amount of time. If you go to Control Panel>Performance & Maintainance>Power Options, you can see what that's set to.
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Haha, I love that. =)

Haha, I love that. =)

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I do have it set to go into stand-by (after 15 minutes), however sometimes when I move the mouse around or press a key on the keyboard it doesn't wake up. Today it wasn't in stand-by mode and the monitor said the same thing that there was no input.

It only says that sometimes, most of the time when I turn the monitor back on it's okay but probably once every few days it'll say no input.

Oh, and it's a HP desktop PC using Windows. If that helps.

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Usually, there's some type

Usually, there's some type of indicator for stand-by/sleep. In Macs, at least on the "book" lines, the white light goes through a brightness. With Windows, the power indicator usually turns to a secondary color, usually orange.

If the computer comes out of stand-by/sleep (usually indicated by a light change or the hard drive spinning up) successfully, but still the monitor detects no input, then that would mean the computer isn't pushing a signal. The best thing that I can suggest is to to unplug the cable and then plug it back in (monitor-computer connection). That should reestablish the connection and make the computer push the signal through.

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Thanks for trying to help :)

When it was saying "no input" it wasn't in stand-by mode and I tried unplugging the monitor from the computer and everything but nothing was working. I always had to restart the computer manually before I'd see a visual on the monitor.

Yesterday and today I've been manually putting the computer into sleep mode before turning the monitor off and so far it's working and it's no longer saying "No input" when I turn it back on. My computer is strange.

Thanks again everybody for trying to help :)