im coming out, i want the world to know

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so yeah.

the parents are finding about me being transgendered in about 48 hours.

id do it sooner but i have to get my finals out of the way first.

i also need to make sure i have a ride (driving is bad when emotionally unstable) and a place to stay overnight (in case i get kicked out.)

i think i might have my one trans friend drive me.

i haven't told her im trans but its kind of obvious.

im pretty much the most flaming person you have ever seen.

i wore knee high rainbow socks with cutoffs today.

im way excited tho. i got my left top of my ear pierced. cuteness!

i bought some headbands. ya i know. im sooo gay.

wish me luck!


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i am a superstious actor so

i am a superstious actor so i will say "break a leg!" that is always an interesting experiance, . . . should be fun ;)

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I always ask people to wish

I always ask people to wish me luck, so I know what it feels like to need it. You need it now, here it is: GOOD LUCK. ;-)

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Best of luck to ya!!! I hope

Best of luck to ya!!!

I hope it all goes well :)

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Oh oh oh! WUNNERFUL! good 4

Oh oh oh! WUNNERFUL!

good 4 u! I'm sending positive vibes to you, love!

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