I'm Starting My Period Soon...

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Grr. I don't wanna. Waah.
Oh hell, just my luck, this means I'll probably be wearing a pad to semi-formal. Yaaay. I really ought to learn to use tampons eventually... but I feel like my first time using them really ought not to be at my semi-formal. Aww fuck.

And I want to get off but don't really want to because pre-menstruation it gives me cramps. Boo.

Okay, oddly explicit post over. I'm just bothered. =( I may go bake cookies.


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yeah i just started my

yeah i just started my period and i sux man! tampons rnt that bad. i had mine 4 a whole week and it wuz awful. the cramps i mean. well good luck. if u do want 2 use tampons playtex glides work the best 4 me. lol sry if its a little...explicit. =)

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If I had periods I would totally use it as an excuse to bake cookies.

I mean... yeah. What else? Menstruation has to be good for something, right?

Fortunately, God gave me a penis which is FANTASTIC. Sadly, I can't use my penis as an excuse to bake cookies... :(

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..Can You???... Wait, no you can't. =(
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you can tho!!!!!!!! or to

you can tho!!!!!!!! or to get sm1 to bake them for you...

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You need an excuse to bake

You need an excuse to bake cookies?!