im worried

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bout the swine flu. cases rreported in wahington(my state) and is now counted as a world epidemic.


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Yikes, I don't know if u belive in a God or not.....

C I'm a wiccian, but i pray to a god and a goddess, if u'd like i'll keep u in my prayers
~ Gothic Ballerina ~

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Y'know, I live in Texas,

Y'know, I live in Texas, there are already multiple suspected cases in my city, but I am not worried. I was sick with flu-like symptoms last week. For all I know, I may have already had it myself. You have to keep in mind, when most people get sick, they feel bad for awhile, but they GET BETTER. Plus, the United States has better health care than Mexico. If you don't live in such a densely populated area, you are probably at less risk. And since everyone is in such an uproar about this supposed pandemic, people are taking precautions. All school sports activities have been shut down here. Further south, school has been canceled altogether. You will be fine.

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You were the one who wished there was a way for no one to know you're gay.... be careful what you wish for. :-)

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lol where i live there's been two confirmed cases already

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Of course it would originate

Of course it would originate in the decrepit capital of Mexico...

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Yeah it's considered an

Yeah it's considered an epidemic, buuuttttt... Isn't it curable? With pre-existing antibiotics???!!!???
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im just.....

epidemiphobic. meaning my phobia is epibemics

a ferrets is a ferret, no matter how much it seems like a weasel. if only i could say the same for people.

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Check this out:

Check this out: