In college, you, too, could fall for an alcoholic nun!

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Her: drinks every night, drunk a couple times a week. The walls are thin in her dorm (I don't have a single) and her next-door neighbor goes to sleep at 10 and yells at us for singing Closer to Fine after hours. She makes her home in the mountains of Kashmir, India, in a Buddhist nunnery, where it is -50 degrees Farenheit during the winter, and the roads are closed seven months of the year. (Although of course you could risk your life fording the frozen river in the winter.) During the summer, it's only a four-day hike up to 12,000 feet from base camp, and a week's acclimation time.

I: enjoy a good drink every now and then, and identify somewhat with Buddhism, but am not a Buddhist and have never been serious enough about any religion to consider converting, let alone becoming a nun. Will be studying abroad in India next year, 1000 miles away. She was considering a post-grad program half an hour away from me, but there's a 5 PM curfew and of course she can't drink in a Buddhist monastery. Besides, once she gets back to her nunnery this summer, I doubt she'll leave. She's not a nun yet, and is considering the professor path, but she is living her last semester at an overachiever-y college. This probably will change.

We: are attracted to each other, but we have three weeks--during finals! (I was thrown off by the nun thing earlier this semester for some reason.) Both of us care about each other more than a fling, and may be unwilling to budge on the drinking thing.

When I meet 'em, I do know how to pick 'em. The first girl that comes along in a year and a half...


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hm, tough siuation... reads

hm, tough siuation...
reads like the introduction to a screenplay or so.
good luck!