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Lately I've been kind of a jerk-off especially about this whole sex thing. Well karma is a bitch, and don't worry, I got mine. Apparently for us lucky ladies it is actually normal and healthy, or can be for us to have a menstrual cycle as short as 21 days. Did you know that's like... three weeks? Three weeks. Holy fuck that is like way too soon. I never paid attention to how close together my periods were until I started having sex with my ex gf. It kind of made it important. Especially since she was on birth control for an auto-immune disease and that was the only way to really regulate it. Well, she's not dead, so is. So it got all jumbled up depending on how much time I spent with her and such. To make a really long story shorter... or whatever. I had my period three weeks ago. And now I get the lovely surprise today. That isn't supposed to happen. It hasn't even been 21 days. And it was earlier in April. If I'm keeping track, I don't want to see the little "x" at the bottom of the box for that day I'm on the rag to be in the same month... a few weeks later. Grr.

My mom was supposed to go out of town this weekend... except that I was told the wrong day. Thanks dad. I was planning on using the house. But I can't do that. Guess it doesn't matter.

I had my "first date" with my friend, the one I want to sleep with and he mutually wants to back. The virgin. Yeah, well, I kissed him. And it was really bad. I talked to my friend about it and he said that it was probably because he was really nervous. So I'll put that feather in my cap and try again.


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I pity you for the three-week menstrual cycle.

That said, it could always be worse. When not on birth control, one of my older sisters has a two week cycle. There was a reason she was on the pill at fourteen. *grimaces*

It made sense in my head, I swear.

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I counted after I posted. It

I counted after I posted. It was actually 17 days. That being said, I didn't know that it was going to show up this suddenly and unexpected and it could have been a lot worse. My best friend only has her period four or five times a year, but she NEVER knows when it will happen and it last like eight days.

And I know what you mean by making sense in your head, happens to me all the time. Like some things are better in theory than in practice.

Sweet profile picture.

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Lol same. Well, technically

Lol same. Well, technically I'm 22 days, but I completely know how you feel. I'm almost permanently on PMS, it's not great. I started at nine. Completely craps your childhood up. Ah well, you get used to it :P

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Heh, I'd go nuts if I had to

Heh, I'd go nuts if I had to deal with my period anymore... And that was a normal cycle. (Although, during my periods was bloody painful. I've thrown up because of cramps before.) I don't know how you girls deal with it. I seriously don't.

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Oh god yes, periods suck.

I am so glad mine is short and doesn't last very long. I didn't think it would ever show up damnit, I didn't get it until I was 14. Gah, I agree with Riku on the nature of periods, except unfortunately I still get one.


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that's not...

that's not my cherry tree!


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I wish I could say I totaly understand but Im on birth control so I don't bleed, so I don't. good luck with that girls.
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