It happens

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Okay so here's the deal. I'll tell you about some events in my life that may or may not involve food (It's kind of an addiction for me). So I was at this guys house. Nothing happened or anything. We just hung out and I slept on his living room floor. I'm not interested in him and he not in me which is good. It was an interesting night. I had class the next morning so I only go like a few hours of sleep because I have sleeping problems lately but thats okay.

Anyways there were brownies involved and I taco bell but it was without meat so it was okay. I'm not going to start eating all meat. Well, maybe. I don't know. I can't always help myself when it comes to meat. I was actually thinking about going off dairy (good plan) and eating just chicken and turkey for the time being since refried beans are not a good substitute for meat when it comes to some things. Anyways.

So I was at this guy's house and we had brownies and I was licking the knife (because it had chocolate on it) and apparently the way that I was licking it made him think that I was not a lesbian and that I like male genetalia. I don't know why he would say that.


His roommate wasn't bad looking and he was like "Another person who wants to do me. As usual." Pretty much. Not really. You see, I was kind of being flirtatious because I was taking off my button-down shirt and my tie and just being that way. But anyways. He seemed like an asshole though so yeah. I'm not really into assholes when it comes to people in general. I like decent people most of the time. There is that stereotype that women fall for bad boys. Not that that applies to me at all. I'm not a woman. Lol. I just have a woman body and a gay mind.

So I don't think I'm in the facebook group yet (I think I might need to get arrested. jk).

So yeah.

I'm going to tell you my random fact of the day that made my one friend comment that I might be turning into a queen:

Hypersexuality is a symptom of bipolar disorder. If you didn't already know that from Psych 100. Just information. I'm not saying anything about anyone in particular. It was a random fact that I thought was kind of funny since a person I know thinks that I might possibly have bipolar disorder.

So yeah. Have a pleasant day. Sunday. Week. And other things.