just me(ness) : P (written 4-11-09)

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This is me. This is who I am. Accept it or do not. That's just the way things have to be. I need to stop being who I am.

Or I need to stop being someone who I am not.

No wait.

Maybe you need to stop.

Do or do not.

There is no TRY.

You are who you are.

I am who I am.

Accept it or DO not.

Love is love and hate is hate. They do not disguise themselves. Mystery clothed in invisibity is still mysterious by nature. There is no changing it.

Who is and who is not?

How is it that I am typing this at all?

Why am I listening to my words type themselves on the page?

Who am I and who are you?

Why do I speak, listen, read and write?

Is my person depending on what I do or who I am.?

Does it even matter?

Do you care what I say or am I writing this for my own, personal benefit?

Can you help me be who I am or am I who I am because of who you are?

Who am I without who you are?

Two halves = one whole.

Are you my half or am I whole by just being myself?

Is a question a question if it has no answer?

Do I speak if you don't hear me?

Do thoughts exist if they do not become words?

Can a river be deep and wide at the same time or can it only be one or the other?