La la la la la...

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It's the weekend! Yay!
I'm going to a Bat Mitzvah tomorrow...
That's going to be interesting.
I've only ever been to a Bar Mitzvah, and that was when I was seven, or something.

Oh! We performed Pirates of Penzance at my school! It was really cool.
I was in the mini-orchestra thingy... That was awesome. I completely messed up on one song, though... Oh well. I don't think anyone noticed...

A couple of my friends are attempting to get every guy friend that we have to dress in drag... It's really funny. My friend A always makes me dress as some fictional male character at her birthday parties. Last year, I was Romeo in her play, and I had to SING. That was kinda scary.

Maybe I'll talk about C now.
I think I must be insane. I really love being around her, even though I know what a b**** she is... She pisses everyone off, but I still love her... It's kinda crazy.
I'm not really sure what's going on in that situation.

In other random news, I'm watching more Buffy... I'm completely behind everything (I just started watching it a month ago), but I'm on the fourth season right now.

I think I'll go write some poetry now.