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aah i'm so proud of myself...two large photography projects DONE and one of them in particular looks STUNNING!

BORING as all shit day today went to look at some galleries...not the good kind...the..."mud on walls lets talk about CONECEPT coz there's nothing else to really say about the shit" type of galleries which annoyingly enough make everyone turn into this disgusting postmodern bohemian snob monster that i just cannot stand. and to make it worse it's FUCKING hot.

so in short i came back hurts anyway...i'll rest and get ready and go out again for my date with the eskimo later.

therapy yesterday was good...making progress strangely enough..and he seems to have given up on the whole "energy healing" thing which is good..just good old fashion talking now.

YAY I'M OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAYS! for the next two weeks...thank God for Passover!!!! I wanna paint! and buy some clothes! and i want to have lots of sex! and i want DO STUFF!!! i mean productive uni work...and go see doctors i'm long overdue for...and get tests done i need to the HIV test i should have done aggggeeessss ago....and i want to help my mother find a flat for us all to live in when they move back here...and i want to write emails to my friends so they stop thinking i'm a prostitute and a junky....that might be a nice change. I also want to see if i can't make up with my family....or at least find a way to be civil...and i need new energies coz i'm this close to going on a homocidal rampage. I need a new direction for my art, new interests...and i want to start reading again. Ahhh there's so many things i left behind and miss.

doogri...i'm going to go eat...i've dropped a few kilos just this week coz from all the anger and heat and stress and lack of time and money i've been seeing entire days off with just a coffee and a sip of water and now my stomach hurts like a mother fucker...and my back...i fucking hate back pain.
bye kids.