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why is everyone so angry today? is it that time of the month for the united states? are you all upset by the earthquake in italy? or is it coz i was rudely woken up at 11 30 today?? all those things are equally as annoying, but people, take a fucking zenified chill DO IT YOU CRAZY CUNTS!
heheh can you just picture cunts with little legs and arms wondering around the place doing crazy them with WINGS!

actually im angry johnny depp..he's too postmodern and he knows it...and i think he should be castrated, his gonad fed to various kinds of small mammals, then he should be made to wear clothes from Billabong!

today im reporting nothing, im in numb mode and i'm comfortable there until such a time as i wont be. what it does allow me is a certain amound of clarity for the old brain, so with it i went and bought my grandparents gifts for the passover, a new paint stand for my granny and a bottle of brandy for granpa...which is alll to expensive, money i surely don't have, but oh well! NOW madonna is trying to make me feel don't disturb fucksters!

love ya!


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David Cook makes me feel

David Cook makes me feel better...

Hostility is not your friend. Period.

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BEWARE The Wing-ed

BEWARE The Wing-ed Cunts!!!!!

hehe, lol... I think...

I hope you feel better, listen to anything, from some random TV show (Discovery Channel works for me, yay mythbusters), to music or a comedian. I is listening to the Semi Precious Weapons CD I won (from Oasis!) and even tho they're quite different from what I do listen to (same genre tho) I really like them.

Well, I can't make you feel better, but you should maybe draw. Doodles? Don't matter, just have simple unadulterated fun o.o
Cluny: "[mocking tone] Oh my! Are you scared?"
Cornflower: "Yes... but I'll get over it. *You* are ugly, and there's no cure for that." -Redwall

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babahahahahaha thanks fellas

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just mauling the shit out of

just mauling the shit out of someone/thing makes me feel better.

"but outside the door to my German class, leaning against the wall--looking more like a Roman god than anyone had a right to-- Tyler was waiting for me" I MADE THIS UP!!!!!!!mostly.