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oh shit shit fuck fuckseeedooodle!!
i managed to overpower my nymphomania, but then Guy called and gave me the "attack of the best friend approval" test....which i think i kinda tanked. Let me hebrew is good...but it's not great...and israelis have a horrible habbit of talking a million miles per hour and swallowing up their that was one thing. hearing is not so great...literally...not good...i had three operations. anyyyway...and another thing is that Guy was with his best friend Shunit (which is a horrriiiifffiiiiccc name), so they're all messing around and being silly buggers...and im here and have to keep it quiet both for privacy and so i don't wake up dear old granny...who returns the favour by stomping around and making heaps of noise in the morning. anyways...all in was kind of bumming me out...i couldn't hear well...what i heard i coulnd't understand..didn't know if they were talking to me..and i got passed around from Guy to Shunit/Shoonit...whatever...and ehhh....i totally struck out. she's really nice..funny and all...and i tried to charm her..hope it worked...but my convo with Guy was not so great, actually it was ok just not great...and i feel like a retard now...grrr....maybe i'll have a D&M with him about my phone problems tommorow when we go out on our forth date...i emphasize the number coz it's like...a lot...for me...four guys don't often survive date two...where i suss out if it's for sex...something more..or if i even like the guy. Guy is also unique in that he's held off on going to bed with sounds up myself...but not many guys's not that he hasn't showed interest...just...he's playing it "im not that kind of girl"...which i guess he's not.
i asked shoonit what her name know what she says...a shoonit in hebrew is the rock on top of which grows i told her it's "very unusual" ...meaning wtf were your parents on? annyways...whatever...i've not let myself fall in love with Guy and i certainlly don't care much about what Shoonit thinks of me (though Guy does which is the reason i played along)...i hope i got the best friend seal of approval...if's lucky im not in love with Guy...time will tell i suppose.

in other news (yes i do do things other than fucking and dating...and fucking)...My grands and I came to my aunt's place tonight for the sabbath meal and coz tommorow the whole extended family are having a picnic...which i was forcefully dragged to. let me start by saying that i hate the city where my aunt's a fucking desert...everyone here is middle class..everyone here is right winged...everyone here had a car, a dog, two and a half children, steady income, steady marriage...they all dress the same and look the same and so do the houses and the streets and grr i get lost just talking for five fucking minutes. needless to say when im here i look like a fucking dragqueen in a herd of zebras...if the notion works for you. anyways...there's nothing to public transport out of here to tel aviv so i can't go out...everyone in this house is realll touchy with noise and light so i have to walk on the dark. grr and tommorow will be a fucking disaster...little children screaming and parents bitching about work and being a parent...every twenty minutes or so someone will ask me (for the sake of being polite) "how are you going adam?" and i'll give them my standardised answer "good and you?" ...which the usually ignore...and we'll eat and eat and eat until i can barely move and the thought of spewing becomes vaguely pleasant until sometime in the evening when we'll all bugger on off to hour respective homes (my grandma's studio/library/wardrobe in my case) and only then will i be able to get all dolled up so i can go see Guy...hoping he'll come around 8...i want to take him for dinner so he doesn't think all i do is sit in parks, drink hot chocolate and walk on the beach...then i plan on spending a rediculous amount of time kissing him and with a touch of luck i'll bring him up to my room and into my bed where hopefully we'll either make out some more and maybe cuddle a bit...or do what i do best and get all FREAKY until he's been pleasured so much he'll brain will fucking explode....but in all probability he'll still hold out on me....the good boy...i like that he's making me wait actually...kinda sexy. He's definately the most femme guy i'd ever dated...i'd put him down as 50/50...but it suprisingly doesn't bother fact im beggining to like it about him...he's shit...and i like that...and his femininity is (can't believe i'm saying this) a little sexy too...hard to explain but it just suits him coz he don't dress or look femme...he's just a delicate kind of boy...that's cute isn't it? eh? beats the hell out of the muscle man i fucked last night...what a tosser.

this post is getting just rediculously long...that's what happens when i have too much time and nothing to do...i can't even jerk would have at least entertained me for...i'd say about an hour...i take fucking ages when i want to :P heheeh aviv finds it frustrating...he says girls would love me coz i can just fuck and fuck and fuck forever...there you go...i bet you really wanted to know that (hint hint jeffy).

shit nymphomania rising up again now...grrr...jeffy you do it to me everytime!

ooh ooh exciting news! i finally did an assignment! it's only one...of like...eight...(backlogged assingments that i promised the teachers i'd submit hehe...silly fuckers)...but i did one yay!!! it's so fucking...i dunno...not me. i paint/draw figures right...some of you have seen my i was given the dumbest fucking assingment..centred aroudn the topic "jazz" (the teacher likes giving us random topics...he thinks he's very post modern chicke but in fact he's an postmodern dinosaur with taste in his ass and ugly shoes)...but anyways...i painted a bottle of Gin...all distorted and what not...on a black table in a black room lol...the table is pitch black and the room is just in the background i also wrote lyrics of jazz songs i have. the bottle looks kinda pretty realistic except for the distortion..and i distorted it into a vaguely feminine shape...if you can imagine that...and of course it's transparent and what not. it looks good..even if it sounds shit....i just know it's like...soooo not me! but it's all black and sexy...i copied the labels perfect..including the intricate code of arms and this odd hog's head symbol...random shit but w/e...all while keeping the proportion of the i'm proud of myself yay!!

this keyboard sux...i miss my laptop...i love my gets me music...and movies...and keeps me in touch with my bitches from australia...and my dad in malaysia...not to mention that it gets me layed like...all the fucking time...and keeps me in touch with david.

i dunno if you guys know anything about david?
david' is from here, though he hasn't been for ages...username: Hyacinthus. anyways..david is my ex boyfriend...we dated for four months last year...long distance...was quite intense (and you know im a realist with guys so it was abnormal for me to do that...david is very special to me). anyways...david and i met here three years ago..he helped me come out and we become really good friends for two years before we "dated"....he's now in italy studying but he's from the states. the thing about david is...he's my soul mate. i know it seems totally fucking odd for me of all people to say that...but david is my soul mate...he's my one...i know it for a fact...but there's nothing that can be done about the distance at this point in time...which is why we broke up too...but we're still very much in good friends like we always were...david's my number one person i think...more so than my family or anybody else...and time proves that we're not just a silly online relationship or anything like that. i sent david my best painting for his birthday. grr i miss david now..fuck! he's in naples and pompeii for the next few days so i wont get to talk to him for a while...and wow...david is just...beautiful...sooooo beautiful...and sexy...and he's a fucking genius...puts us all to shame he's a freak i tells ya. what's really amazing about him is that how he feels about he treats me...that's what made me realize and certain that he's my's just one of those things you we've rather already talked about it too...and well my plans were always to move to either the states or uk when i have the money i'll do it.

obviously i've ruled nothing out...never say never right? so i date other guys...look for love...have sex in between guys constantly..rack up experience and with it (i believe) understanding of myself and what i's not cheating coz david and i aren't together...but when we will be it'll be 100% monogamy...i plan on marrying him in fact, i'll give him a sapphire ring...and i sooo want a kid from that sexy boy. eh stop dreaming now adam.

ooh looky it's one thirty...writing this totally passed the time...sorry for the essay people.

i'll leave you with this thought...i discovered that i have two beauty spots on my second toe from the left on my left leg in between that toe and the is big and one is smaller...tada!
nighty night


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Your soulmate went from 11,000KM away from you to 2,000KM away from you... can't you pick up the slack?

Last week, I saw a Jewish guy with Alzheimer's. He was sitting at a table, confused, asking "Why is this night different from all other nights?" But the family knew he was mental, so they just pretended he wasn't off at all. Sad.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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that's a good one! but at least i'm not polish!

lol i really should pick up the slack shouln'dt i? ooh if only i had a dollar to my name! we might meet in greece or turkey...which do you suggest, i'm assuming you've been to both