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hh---ooooooooooo! i feel alll doowwwnnn and slooowwww mootiiioon todayyyy... :( :( :( :( :(
took two naps today...and in between them i watched tv...did absolutely nothing constructive today other than go to this clinic thing for diabetics and get myself off poked by needles and peeing in cups and weighed in public and waiting in lines and fat nurses telling me the importance of excercise...aaahhh....

iiii juuussstttt feeelll lliiikkeeeee sttooopppiiinnnggg tttiiiimmmeee.
what i'd really like is perhaps someone to hug in bed, and a big ass glass of red wine...and copious amounts of chocolate, and maybe a nice conversation.

Had my fifth date with guy yesterday, he took me to the pancake house yesterday, was quite cute. He was listening to music from the lion king and aladin in the car, he's such a faggot i fucking love it, would have kissed he flesh right off him right there and then but he was driving. on that note he's really quite a bad driver and an even worse navigator. again, such a faggot, and it's totally charming.

still no sex, five dates in and no sense...this is where i'd usually make a joke...but it's actually worrying me i'm not finding it all that endearing anymore...don't get wrong, i'm not pressuring him and it's not like sex is the number one important thing for me...but i do want it, not just for the pleasure but because it's how i express my feelings for a guy, if i like a guy than it's not shallow at all, and i also only really feel very close to a guy after we've had sex (i often fall in love after sex) i dunno...i guess that at least for me it's something that's missing. that's not to say i don't enjoy making out with him for hours, but it's not the same as uniting in privacy and comfort of eachother.

anyways it's the sabbath i best be rounding up the grandparents.
take care guys


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I love aladin and the lion

I love aladin and the lion king! Disney makes me smile : )

I radiate music from my core.

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I envy I I would kill for a relationship like you just explained, it sounds amazing and you sound so content and happy. Everything you said above about chocolet and wine, yeah I want that. I want all of that, everything except the sex. Consider yourself lucky very lucky
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i've been waling around and

i've been waling around and singing the "we're off to see the wizard" song from the wizard of oz all week so i can't say too much.

Wait — are those babies? The Gays can make babies now?!?! In pairs?!?!
Please save us Maggie Gallagher and NOM!

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OMG I DO TAT ALOT!! lol and

OMG I DO TAT ALOT!! lol and i skip and yeaaaaaaaa
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