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helllooooo lovers!!!
i want to have sex with spongebob squarepants and johnny bravo simultaneously. can someone here arrange that? and I want Jack the samurai too...but just a one on one with him.
how old is spongebob? hope he's legal....yikes!

i got busted by the cops today for j-walking, i feel like such a hardcore rebel, im like....a delinquent yo! i got off with a warning after i blew the cop....sif...i did get off with just a warning though...coz i was like...nice and shit, and he was another world we could have been friends *fantacises*. annoying thing is that like five other people crossed with me but only i got busted....we live in a cruel...cruel word.

im in love with Guy...officially... tada! toodles


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oh yeah nvm. i think spongbob counts as a adult, he lives alone at least.
I am the voice in the wind and poring rain!
I am the voice in the autnm leaves!
I am the voice of your history!
I am the voice of your hunger and pain!
I am the voice that sings in the spring flowers!
I am the voice of the future and past!
do not be afraid, come with me!