My lovely Easter weekend.

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So, I went to Buffalo for the weekend, because that's where almost all my family lives... I'm still trying to figure out if it was a good weekend or not still...

So I wasn't looking forward to the weekend at all, because of the huge blow out with my one grandmother about gay rights, and of course on Saturday I get dragged out on a girls day with my mom and her. It was okay, I guess. I kept my mouth shut for most the time, and only spoke when I was spoken to. It was kinda funny though, because she had gotten my mom and I Victoria Secret's gift cards, so we went to the mall, and I just HAD to go to Hot Topic, because I've gone there every single time I've gone to a mall for three years, and I don't want to break the chain. So my grandmother goes with me, and she says I can buy one thing. Well, I've been wanting to get something rainbow for a couple months, so I pick out these really cute rainbow Hello Kitty hair clips and she gets them for me.
Little does she know, she's giving me my tiny bit of gay pride that I can pass of while still hiding in my pretty closet.

Anyways, after we do all of our girly things, we pick up my uncle and head out to dinner. (I was happy, because that meant I got to eat Filet Mignon) It was an hour late for our table, so we ended up sitting at the bar for a while, and I ordered a really yummy virgin cocktail from the really hot waitress that was working at the bar. It was nice, because I think she took a liking to me because she gave me a free refill, even though she said that she wasn't supposed to...
So we get to our table (finally) and I immediately pick up the menu one: because I didn't think that anything else was going to happen, and two: because I was STARVING. So our waitress comes over, and I don't immediately look up, (because I was picking out my appetizer) but when it got to my turn to order, I looked up, and just melted.
Apparently I was destined to be Jello for the night.
It was nice though, because I got to flirt with her a little when the family units weren't paying attention.
*evil grin*

On Easter Sunday, I spend time with my other grandmother, and I was expecting this to be more pleasant because she's more liberal than my other grandmother, (plus I didn't get into a fight with her) but of course I'm wrong.
So I was wearing my new rainbow clip, when she walks in next to me and asks "Why'd you get that?" and I'm thinking 'Oh shit...' so I tell her that it was an inside joke with one of my friends. So then she's all "Well I don't like it. Rainbows represent something very wrong and I don't want you to fall into that crowd."
It was definitely a test of my restraint, because I was not happy, and I really wanted to yell at her for saying such horrible thing, but I didn't, and continued with my day, trying to act normal.

Definitely a weird weekend...


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I wouldn't be able to claim

I wouldn't be able to claim that as a solidly good weekend or a solidly bad weekend either though I would say that it appears to have had a little bit of both.