Net speak.

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I believe that I have bitched about this on here before but there's a new twist to my annoyance.

Net speak is a huge indicator of the fact that a large amount of people under the age of twenty-five are complete morons. The English language is being devalued and instead of just talking to eachother teens opt out for texting.

Poor grammar annoys the shit out of me. Unnecessary acronyms annoy me. Net speak in general annoys the fuck out of me. Something else has popped up on my list of related annoyances. Nothing is more annoying than when people vocalize net speak.



Turns out that my little cousin is fluent in net speak. She said to me on the phone today, "Lawl, that is like, so like, lawl."

Fucking kill me. I think that it's time for God to flood the earth again.


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my sister uses it ironically

my sister uses it ironically for her own amusement....

it's actually rather funny....

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I find the whole thing kind

I find the whole thing kind of hilarious actually. Sometimes I'll say "lawl" out loud just because I find it ironic, because I hardly ever say "lol" online. *shrugs*

I don't find it annoying though, just entertaining. It only gets annoying when people shrink up words uselessly, especially when they put numbers in them. Like "l8" for instance. I see that and go "What the eff is that?".

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i love you i love you i love

i love you i love you i love you.

this is one of my hugest pet peeves

i know that i use "lol" and other common shorthand (the euphamism i prefer to make me sound more intelligent :P), but i could not agree with you more about it.

i've been noticing a few people on here who use it, and i HATE it. i simply don't read anything that has obviously purposeful misspellings, or "net lingo." i just can't get through it!

anyway....thank you SO much for saying something.

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I'm glad that you're on the

I'm glad that you're on the same boat as me.

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you need to get the fuck over u'rself

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Was that really necessary?