oh wow. this is really confusing..

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Oh god, I'm really fuckin' confused with this.

I am ghey. FO DIZZLE! And that's the way that I like it!

but recently, I've found myself really falling for a boy that I know, and i definitely know that he really likes me back. But all i can think is.. What the fuck's going on???

Now I'm back to square one of doubting my sexuality. -_-"

Is this normal? Like, has anyone else found one person that they'd turn straight for?


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i have found one girl i

i have found one girl i though about like that. the way i knew i would not do that was i tried to imagine sex with her. when i felt my dick shrink i knida knew it was gonna be a no. just try to imagine kissing/sexing this person and if it makes you feel like really weird then it is a no. if you feel like it is right that is all your choice.

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I have kissed him, and it gives me that warm fuzzy epic feeling inside that makes me smile.

oh baby girl, i'm not your type..

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I think it's totally normal...

I've doubted my sexuality. I used to think I was a lesbian, thought that I would never want to be with a guy. A year later I lost my virginity to a friend at the time. I thought it was a fluke. I dated more girls. But the only people I could really talk to were guys. So I tried it out again. I dated another guy (but I kept sex out of it, makes it less confusing) and I realized that I really cared about him and that gender didn't really matter. I do have a preference, that I prefer dating girls, but that I am attracted to guys as well.

Bottom line, I think that you shouldn't worry too much about who you are attracted to. If they are good for you (it can be a healthy relationship), and you like them, you are attracted to them, then what do labels matter?

I also think that sexuality is something that a lot of people struggle with throughout their life because it is such a fluid and ever changing concept. So, I would just advise you to pay attention to who you are attracted to, but not worry about gender. Don't let doubt hold yourself back.

Message me if you want me to explain further or just to talk. xD

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Wow, that's some really good advice.
I guess I should just go with it, right? Go with what makes me happy.

Thanks heaps (:

oh baby girl, i'm not your type..

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Don't doubt or question your sexuality, explore it. It's not about label shopping.

Also, if you're turning gay for one person, and straight for another, then sounds like you're neither. I think the reason bisexuality gets a bad rep is that no one seems to claim it.

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That's because bi-sexuality

That's because bi-sexuality is even more confusing. I was that label with more emphasis on gay attraction.

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But the thing is, of all the guys that have showed an interest in me for a long time now, i have NO attraction to them whatsoever. I don't think celebrity boys are dreamy, nothing like that.

oh baby girl, i'm not your type..

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I'm sorry I don't have

I'm sorry I don't have anything that epic to say. All I just wanted to say was Hey, and I really like your screenname. GO ITALY! But yeah, while I'm here, I might as well put my two cents in. I'm betting you're kind of in the same boat as me (we're the same age), but it really is not all going to fall into place right now. I think the best thing you can do is ride it out, and do your darndest not to pressure yourself into feeling something you don't feel. To echo Zephyr, message me if you want, and welcome to Oasis :)