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I met the sexiest italian man you will ever see in your entire life. I see him and I becoming fuck buddies, I'm not going to lie. I totally would have had sex with him if not for my standards. I kind of want to deviate from my high standards at the moment. I'm talking about the fact that I won't have sex with someone until we've gone on at least three dates. I think that's pretty realistic.

So here are his stats:
1. foreign (which includes his name)
2. tall
3. dark, curly hair
4. tan
5. wears nice cologne
6. drives a bmw
7. muscular
8. charming

So yeah. I'm not going to lie. I really don't care if he likes me for my femaleness. He is that hott!

(I know. I should be ashamed of myself. I've gotten used to the idea, though)


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Can I sleep with him until your third date?

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Jeff! You dirty boy you! If

Jeff! You dirty boy you! If it's still not third date, can I have sloppy seconds? lol. What? Italian boyz are sooo hott! XD
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okay don't i get to have a

okay don't i get to have a go at him first?

I radiate music from my core.

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Wow, nice going. You may

Wow, nice going. You may take him as a gift from the country of my ancestors to yours :) See???? The ancestors approve.... sorry, sleep deprivation. Really that's great. *weak, sleep-deprived smile*