oopsy! i did a poopsy!!

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metaphorically speaking! on a catfish!
meow? birrrrr? HISS!

so you know how i said i wouldn't get more men? tonight i kinda got on a roll and got...lets see...hovi...avishai, barry, vlady, eliran and natan....so that's...six new guys....oopsy!
i honestly didnt' mean to.....but lets see there's two clear front runners...natan and hovi...avishai seems like an asshole...eliran im not too attracted to (though he's handsome)....vlady is...eh?...barry...barry is nice actually i like barry...lets put him as a front runner too..but then that's half the guys are front runners...oh well at lleast it narrowed it down. the greatest thing about all these guy is that NONE of them...not a single one...is one night stand material....they're all good for dating in view of potential boyfriendism. Actually i just came back from my first date with Natan and it was really nice...we had a very good very wide and very flowing conversation about almost every topic...we haven't gotten stuck even once in disagreenment, he seems like a good stable honest genuine person who really likes coffee and his dog which i totally respect. i was going to be a perfect gentleman and just walk him to his car and bid him goodnight...but he gave me the half lean so it would have been rude to turn him down, so i kissed him..and well...i guess it was a good kiss...coz we kept kissing for about five minutes....then hugged...and only then he left. so i guess that's a decent start there no? actually i feel kind of bad he was giving me signs of going up to my room but i pretended not to read that sign...i don't want to have sex with him just yet, plus my aunt is staying over so i can't anyways...but none the less i think making him wait just one or two more dates wont hurt...plus i paid for his coffee to show him i appreciate him coming to me instead of me going to him, and i gave him a guided tour of the city at 1-3 am before we started heading back here. i think it was really just a nice date, good company, great conversation and a beautiful romantic kiss as a summation...and that's all i shoudl really expect or want. and dont' think for a second i didn't have sex with him coz i'm not attracted to him...he's beautiful...better looking than ohad was, hazel eyes, chocolate brown hair...my height, thin, quite thin actually but i've always been kinda into thin guys...only bummer is i can't steal his clothes :P
he was born in...something beggining with M i dont' remember..some former soviet country...basically he's russian w/e....it's funny coz i never had russians before and now three of the six new guys are russians. anyways, he doesn't look russian, he migrated to israel when he was like 1.5...his face is more israeli/anglosaxon than russian...he's EXTREMELY smart, he's only 19 and he's some manager of a communications system in the airforce. he's also the long term kind of guy...in january he came out of a two year relationship....at the age of 19! jeeesus...
i think he's somewhat less experienced than i am though he started much earlier, but that's ok i'll teach him. hehe anyway i'm getting too ahead of myself. tommorow is passover, well tonight actually...and i want to send holiday greetings to my favourite men...so that will be aviv, barry, natan and i think that's where i'll leave it for now...barry really is a nice guy. i'll keep my options open with those two and keep my head open for hovi, hovi is more arty crazy but i don't know that's what i'm really looking for..too much like me...natan is very technical and maybe a little bit squarish and i think that compliments me better...and barry is a good soul...he works at an orphanage for god's sake...so yeh...i think those three guys are really quite a good bunch...i'll try my best to keep them happy for a while. and as for aviv....i'll just keep on keeping on with him...
good night kids


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how sweet. I wish people around here were as down to earth. Even tho I live in New York I live in a hick town -.- hope you get what you want!
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sounds like a plan Hostility

sounds like a plan

Hostility is not your friend. Period.