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I am in the grades-nine-to-twelve drama. We've been at it for a couple months now.

It's been unbelievably fun. The play's been polished almost perfectly, and we are fan-tastic.

We're doing a local performance tomorrow, then we're taking it to a regional drama competition the day after. We get to watch other plays, and possibly watch other plays getting critiqued. And also go to a dance some time afterwards.

Dancing isn't really a natural thing for me unless I ease into it; I'm too tense and dorky. I mean, I'm okay with being goofy and wild and loose onstage, but that's because I'm being told to, and I have lots of time to practise.

ANYWAY, I have resolved that I am going to re-laaaaaax.

I am going to pretend like nobody's watching. I will let the girls do what they want with my hair. I am going to embarass myself by shamelessly flirting with a boy that I'm never going to see again, or at least for another year. I will not, not, not stand around awkwardly and talk. If I'm going to be awkward, I'm going to be awkward with pizazz!

I think "pizazz" is my new word of the week.


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Good luck with your

Good luck with your performance :)

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, some punished. Never was a story of more regret than this of Juliet and her fair Juliet.