Ramble Ramble Ramble

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I need to ramble about everything on my mind right now, so bear with me.

My boyfriend and I patched everything up. We've been through a lot in the past year and I'm glad that we're on good terms again. It was pretty rocky for a while.

Unfortunately, he just moved to Sandusky. It's only an hour away but with school, work and art commission I have no time to see him and even less money to pay for the gas to get up there (my car is quite the guzzler). He just got hired as an area supervisor at a roller coaster theme park and he's there setting up for the upcoming season.

This semester is almost over and I don't know if I'll have a job, which I'm kind of freaking out about. I need some source of income to keep paying for gas and, potentially, an apartment to rent out for the summer.

I'm going to be taking some online classes that the University offers so that I won't have to stay on campus. If I stay in Toledo, however, I'll be closer to David than if I were to go home for the summer. I don't think I could handle living with my dad. I love my parents but it's so much nicer going to visit for a weekend, as opposed to living there for any extended period of time. I haven't lived at home for almost two years now and the thought of going back now makes me feel kind of hopeless.

I think a summer without school would do wonders for me and my writing. I really need to finish my book. It's been a work in progress for far too long.

I applied for a job as a resident advisor over the summer and if I get that I'll definitely have a job, which would be fantastic. I'd have to pay $50 a week to live in my dorm, but I wouldn't necessarily have to take classes.

About classes, I'm going nuts trying to finish all of my work. I have a ton of work due in Printmaking, Digital Photo and Graphic Design. In my art history class I have a fifteen page paper about Diane Arbus due on the 28th. GRAH.

I'm going to stop here. I have a staff meeting tonight, so I better run.