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omg longest first date EVER! went and had a milkshake, talked the entire time, then went for a long walk and kept talking, then went for chocolate and kept talking, then got in his car and kept talking, then moved his car after a car theif didn't realize we were watching him and bolted so he got scared and kept talking...and then we got out of the car and hugged, then we kissed, and we kept kissing...and kissing....and kissing. 7 hour date, 6 hours talking, 1 hour kissing....hmmmmmmmm soooooo hoootttttttt!!!!!

will i ever see him again...who fucking knows? or cares really...he wouldn't be the first boy or the last to bolt after the first date. But eh?

anyway to give you the info...he's favourite....i seem to attract them which is great. He wears armani glasses which look so cute on idea why that's worthy of mention but there you go. Um...this is a little embarassing, but here goes: he's 17. turning 18 in less than a month. It's not illegal in Israel coz the age of consent is 16, but i've never been with someone so young and it does irk me a little...this is me here, i'm usually with guys older than me...even 20 years older than me a younger guy is highly unusual for me. Anyways thank God he's very mature and clever for his age, and has had a pretty rich life experience, takes interst in a lot of thing, not like most boys his age (no offence). Oh, he's name is Guy, which is also my grandfather's name...which is...weird. He comes from a kind of religious family...which is the biggest downside, they're not too keen on his homosexuality but i think it's sufficiently fresh a subject in his family, plenty of room to turn around and get better...and after all moroccan families are very close like that, so there's hope for him....not that it really affects me. So yeh, nice boy....hope for a repeat. oh oh, i gotta say this even though it's oversharing....when we were making out, there was this bit where i put both hands on his ass, went lower, split his legs apart and literally raised him, hehehe, we were making out for about twenty minutes while his legs were wrapped around me and me taking his whole was...hoooooooooooooooooooooot! decent kisser too...

in other news....those other two guys i was meant to go on a date with...i think i might call one back. Barry, he's the russian psychologist who works in an orphanage/youth shelter type of thing. He's really nice, been very patient with little oh me who keeps playing hard to get with him, and he's quite hot too, in the complete opposite way to Guy, he's taller and more built and white and blonde and blue guy's average height and somewhere between skinny and defined with dark skin dark eyes dark hair (which generally my preference). Plus Barry is olde, i think he's older than me, i think he might be 25 or technically we should have more in common...but eh? i'll call him today.

Then there's Moshiko, the sexiest one of the lot, 18, works in lee cooper jeans while finishing up highschool too (yes i've noticed a "younger" theme here, but in all honesty it's them that hit on me...not the other way round). moshiko seems pretty into it, sent me a messege last night saying he misses me after we spoke just once. he's very sweet that one, used to date a model he says (which makes perfect sense when you see moshiko)...only problem is i'm not a model and i never will be....though i'm sure im much better in bed :P. anyways, moshiko is going to tiberias for a few days with his friends so i guess that buys me some time to decide about him and see.

then there's yonatan which im not sure about...he seems a little too uptight for me....but i'll need further investigation.

and then there's Gilad, who's an officer in the air force...which is generally hot...also has a sixpack which helps his case. seems like a decent, nice guy..definately has a hard past which is a plus for him, again requiring further investigation.

aviv, i want to be done with him, but can't until i finish this painting, i can't have him in my life...there's too many hot gay men actually interested in me in one way or another to stay so hung up on a straight boy with a girlfriend who just enjoyed fucking you every other matter how perfect it is, my being fucked is starting to take on a metaphorical dimention, and it shouldn't be breaching the otherwise purely literal version. it's getting quite painful in fact, it's making me

anyways then there's moses, who's shy and i think kinda fucked in the head, but i can't help but be attracted to psycho's, and he's also moroccan and entirely cute and a god help me but i'll investigate that one further too.

then there's eliran...who's altogether too much of a gentleman but one cannot pass up a guy who's handsome, workd in high tech, and a's a crime to do so, so i wont.

then there's hovi, who's altogether gorgeous, beautiful sexy smart and talented and he doesn't even know it which makes him all the more irresistable. lives a little far away, lives only with his mum who is deeply religious which makes sneaking around a little difficult. but i really like him so he stays.

and then there's natan, who i had that nice date with but since not heard from him...too cool for school, playing just a little too hard to get, and im quickly losing interest.

so by my count that's...10? 9? enough anyway... that's not counted the brand newbies from yesterday and the ex boyfriends who keep popping's all a little too much isn't it?


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Oh you little slut XD jk.

Oh you little slut XD jk. have fun =D
"I don't drink booze cause my heart's explosive.
I gave up food cause the shit's expensive.
I know you want to be me, but baby it ain't easy!"
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I concur. Adam you are such

I concur. Adam you are such a little slut. but seriously have fun with your boy-toys.

"Love is patent. Love is kind." I will wait for you and I to be together. I will wait untill the end of the earth if I must!

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Your milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard...

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
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and they're like, it's better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours, i could teach you, but i have to charge.

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licked it a like a lollipop

licked it a like a lollipop