Sex Dream, Anyone up for a Personal Interpretation?

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Ok so I woke up hours ago but I woke up feeling so interesting.

See I had this very interesting dream. It took place in E, at night, by the ES gas station. It was still open, and the lights and everything were on. The reason it was so interesting was because of its sexual nature. There were three people involved in the dream one of them was someone I know well, H, and then there was me, then the last person was someone I don’t know at all. Well if I did in any way know him it’s just from sight. When thinking about his appearance he seems similar to a guy that I’ve seen here at college who wears these sleek black shoes that look like a sexier Nike, but are actually Pumas.

To make it even more interesting was the fact that all three of us were camped out in a small tent just outside the ES. Despite the fact it was on gravel the ground was soft because of our sleeping bags. I remember becoming aroused physically and in the dream because H was doing some very provocative sexual things with the other guy in the tent. It actually evolved into a full fledged anal sex, H being the penetrator. I remember seeing him inserting himself into the guy going back and forth inside him. The guy wasn’t bad looking in any way. I got a little jealous, especially since it appeared that H was enjoying himself so much and taking his time. Kind of like he was doing it on purpose just to keep me suffering with my arousal.

Eventually I had enough of that. Something inside me changed a little, just enough to give me courage. I had noticed that H was practicing safe sex with this guy, using a condom. I wasn’t going to do anything different and I wanted some fun and excitement too. We were next to the ES and gas stations commonly sell condoms so I mentioned the idea to H more than the guy, of getting some so I could partake. H did this, how do I describe it, deceptive, conniving, manipulative like smile that was so sexy and while still on top of the guy he wrapped his arms around him. I think he said something, but I don’t remember what.

The next part gets kind of fuzzy because it turns into one of those types of dreams where you’ve done things but you don’t remember doing them. Like the unnecessary stuff was cut out or something. I got the condoms, but with no recollection of doing so, obviously because it was now my turn to fuck the cute guy H was once on top of.

Interestingly enough I can’t seem to recall that once it was my turn, H’s presence was there anymore. It doesn’t make sense that he’d leave or be gone but it is a dream and thus nothing really is truly explainable. I don’t actually remember climax while I butt fucked this guy but I do remember playing with his ass separating it so I could get in easier. If I even remember the who process of fucking him? See now I think H might have been there because I don’t feel like he would have left, like he would want to see me actually do this. Maybe because I’ve never done it before? Don’t know so H’s presence is a possible possibility.

I don’t actually recall the feeling of insertion either, which leads me to wonder if I actually did or not. After that point in time I remember nothing just the feelings of contentment and pleasure, right before I woke up.

Tell me what you guys think? I think understand why H would be in there, I still like him, but the stranger who only looks familar? What about the fact that I remember playing with the ass but not the actual fucking sensation?

Say ANYTHING. Those are just questions that I think of.

P.S. I woke up and and found a theme song that fit to my dream Perfectly: Yes by: Coldplay. :)


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that was interesting. hey i

that was interesting. hey i blinked today and saw myself in a major makeout session, with someone from austin. it was weird.

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Well, sounds very Fight Club... you're Jack's horny penis, watch Tyler Durden aka H do what you want to be doing, when you are possibly both. Which explains why you're both not doing anything at the same time. As soon as you go to do it, he's not there.

Otherwise, the easier move would be to let HS blow you while H kept working the other end. Never a need to take turns. Something's always free.

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