sexually unbalanced

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I don't know if I've already posted on here about being bi, so I don't know if this is repetitive or not. Bear with me.

I'm not really interested in this guy in my spanish class, but he's interested in me. And I'm not going to pursue anything because I know what can happen with that, I've been down that path before. And it isn't pretty. But I think we had a moment nonetheless today. We were in the theatre together listening to a lecture and we were both really bored. I'm not even sure who initiated it, but we started poking each other in the leg and nudging each others' hands. And there was a moment when we were lingering and we were kind of holding one another's hand. And the way he was talking to me and touching me. It made me feel really good. I broke up with my gf recently and she didn't pay enough attention to me during our relationship especially the last month of it. He always looks happy to see me. And he always says that I'm attractive. So it makes me feel good. But I know that I don't like him like that.

Then why do I feel this way? And why do I want to see him this weekend? Stupid brain! I hope he did well at his track meet.

I don't know. I want to date a guy, but I told myself that I can't do that to him or myself. I will have to find someone else to date. I don't know that I'm enjoying single life.


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Oh my god.

I know how that is. It's the most confusing fucking thing, so irritating. >.<