She says no because she thinks I won't come back.

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I know that's the real reason.
She says no to a cheap bus ticket I could try and pay for myself.
She says no to a train ticket before I can even come up with the idea on my own.
She says no to cheap airfare that friends are willing to help pay for.
She just says no.
It's the first word to form on her lips when I ask about something.
Is it so wrong to want to visit Phoenix, just once?
Is it really so wrong to want to see my best friends?
Is it wrong to want to go, for just ONE weekend?

You see, I found out about a killer event going on in Phoenix. It's cheap, it's awesome, and really close friends are going.
The problem? I live near Austin, Texas.

So what do I do? I attempt to be responsible. I didn't just ask her about it. I did my research, opted for cheap travel I could try and pay for myself.

And then I ask her if I could go.

And of course, she has a big fat 'no' pressed to her lips, with my name on it.

Her excuse? 'No way. Busses are gross, and the only people who ride Geryhound busses are the druggies, the rapists, the prostitutes and pimps and thieves.'

Fair enough.

SO I try and look up airfare.

I found out a round-trip ticket would cost $138.

So, I call some friends, who are all willing to pitch in twenty or thirty dollars. I easily come up with enough of my own money and helpful friends to cover the cost.

And of course, she says no. No no no.

No, I can't spend two weeks in Phoenix when we drive through this summer on the way to Salt Lake City.

No, I can't take the bus there for a weekend.

No, I can't take a plane there for the weekend.

No no no no no no no no no.

Fuck that.

If she pisses me off I'll start fucking walking there tonight.

I'll fucking LIVE there.

God, I feel like a whiney fucking bitch, but every chance I get, I fucking rips away right when I see a chance at my own happiness. I'm so fucking depressed here... This place is freaking suffocating me, and I can't do anything about it. She wants me to suffocate. Doesn't she?

I know to some it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but you really don't understand how much it means to me...