Skinheads, MILK, and Sinead!

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Oh my! :P

"Are You Skinhead?" - My Dad
"No" My oldest nephew(With a puzzled look on his face)

My dad walks out of the room and my nephew says to me "Didn't he ask me that last time?"

ROLF. Ha. My dad thinks he's skinhead because he's got his hair shaved really short. He says it with such serious tone too. Eh...I'm pretty sure he's not a skinhead, dad. lol.

Then again he did take back his copy of Splinter Cell that I was borrowing. Hmm.... :P


The library's in my city got Milk! I'm definitely gonna have to try and rent it at some point cause I really want to see it. Especially since I've heard nothing but good things about it. At the moment though it has like 70 holds on 7 copies. So it'll be a while. lol.


I'm going to attempt to make a music video using the song "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'connor. Attempt being the key word here. We'll see how that goes. I absolutely love the song and it fits pretty nicely with the TV show couple I'm doing it for. The only thing is that it's like 5 freaking minutes long!! Which is like an eternity when you're making a music video and you have to match scenes up and make it interesting oh, and not bore people to death. lol. I guess only time will tell how it goes.

And Thanks to l.enigma_ambulante for reminding me about that beautiful song :)

How I love her voice. Sigh....


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She sings it, but it is a Prince song, btw.

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Me and someone else were

Me and someone else were talking about this on the "Favourite Love Songs" forum. He wrote a great song but Sinead made it beautiful :)

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