so here goes...

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Okay so I need to write this while I'm still feeling this way. I will try to use the appropriate grammar so as not to offend people with my "emo poetry" as some people like to refer to it as. I met a couple people tonight that were very cool. *shakes hand with you* It was cool. I enjoyed hanging with people. It was fun. '

Applebee's was good. I enjoyed it. Then I hung with some boys. Fun stuff.

Then I hung out with S. I smoked a cigar. Got high. Coolness.

Then I decided to dance my ass off in front of a security camera. Kind of concerning.

Then people talked about the fact that my music was too loud and that I should just "sit down and chill." Not cool

So now I am sitting in a lobby with no place to go and nothing to do. If anyone is up, please chat with me. I'm begging you. Boredom is not your friend.