So I'm new here!

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I just re-joined oasis after three years! Go me! I just wanted to introduce myself, please call me Geniveve, nothing else. I'm 14, I'm saving up to buy a horse (crazy? Yeah. That's me!). I have been with my girlfriend for two years, she is 14 too, but she is pregnant. :/ Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that. She is bi, I'm a lesbian. So hi everyone! Message me to get to know me!


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I'll go for the obvious... how exactly did you manage to get your girlfriend pregnant? :-)

Welcome to Oasis...

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Lol, I didn't. She is kind

Lol, I didn't. She is kind of a s*** when she is drunk. :)
Due date: October 14th!

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I want to feel awesome and welcome you. :D

I'm sorry, but pregnancy-ness scares me. Babies, ew.
No offense or anything!

I'll just go back to my corner now... ehehh..

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hehe October 14th is my half

hehe October 14th is my half birthday. but anyway. welcome. if u evr need any advice or help were all here as u already no from being here previously. lol. wat kida horse do u want? i ride horses 2. ive been riding for 11 yrs. (im only 14) lol but yeah i just got a Percheron paint appaloosa. hes ssoooooooo cute. hehe but thats beside the point. lol ttyl

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Oh, I love babies! More than

Oh, I love babies! More than anything! I want to name the baby Aubree or Maria if it's a girl, Aiden if it's a boy. It's okay, it scares me too, no need to retreat to a corner. :)

I mainly want an Arabian, but I'm nosing around. I just want a trail horse, not a show horse or anything. I want to make good friends on here. :) I look at it as more of a social networking site more than a blogging site. :) (I overuse smilies) :D

P.S. ~ Happy half birthday!

Due date: October 14th!

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Wow... 14...


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what're your plans? is your

what're your plans? is your gf going to stay in school? i hope so...

good luck to both of you...

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Welcome. It's nice that

Welcome. It's nice that you're still with her even though she's pregnant. Not that you would care. I don't really know you though (obviously). *Shakes hand*

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Welcome back to Oasis!

I like the girl names you've got picked out for the baby. Very pretty :)

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Yes, she is staying in

Yes, she is staying in school no matter what. She still manages to pull of A's and I'm not letting ruin school, school is the only way her and the baby can have a good life.

*shakes hand back* I would stay with her for eternity, I love her more than anything. If you guys want to see a picture of her, there is a link in my profile that goes to my myspace and I have a picture if her in there in my mobile pics or whatever.

And thanks love, she loves Maria and Aiden, but Aubree is my favorite.

Due date: October 14th!

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I overuse smilies

I overuse smilies too!
Yay! XD
*shakes hand too*

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I hate handshakes! *hugs

I hate handshakes! *hugs everyone super tight* :D
Due date: October 14th!

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I'm sorry. I didn't know. I

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

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