This little kid is convinced I'm a dude. UP YOURS GENDER!

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Okay, so I'm here in mexico staying with some family friends, and their relatives (oh, yeah, and my family), and there is this little kid here who is absolutely convinced that I am a boy. I am, by the way for anyone who cares, (believe it or not) biologically female.

We met on sunday, and he's like the cutest little thing you will ever meet- so nice, always happy- he's 3. I was having a beer (which was not against the rules, so haha), he notices, goes up to me, and says "You're not supposed to drink that, you're a little boy!" And I looked at him with a funny expression, and was like, "No, I'm a girl." And he looks really really confused, and decides it is a matter worth arguing about, and retorts (giggling) "No, no, no! You're a BOY!" I found that half amusing, and half disturbing. But he ended up walking away to do some other ADD little kid thing.

Tonight we got in a similar quarrel. He saw my most prized piece of clothing: my Batman belt buckle, and was examining it. I think he told me I was a cool boy, and i argued with him again. But really, how do you prove something like this to someone who doesn't get the concept of genitalia. The only thing he knows about gender is the gender roles he has picked up from society-- he thought I was a boy simply because I wear guys clothes. But the point is, was I supposed to take my shirt off and show him my boob or something?

I mean, I don't really think of myself as female, or human for that matter, but I prefer to be referred to as female (appropriate pronoun = she) around my family. They're not so hot on me being totally andro, I think it shames them in some way. And I totally understand that, I mean people are going to start to think they are bad parents if they let me run around like this. But it's how I'm comfortable. I'd just prefer it if a little kid would believe me when I told him my correct (biological) gender.


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3 is when gender identity

3 is when gender identity starts to come into play, as well as concrete identification. it's really difficult with toddlers sometimes to get correct pronouns or correct knowledge. for your sake, just let him call you a boy. he probably subconsciously knows you're a girl, he just calls you a boy. my three-year-old stepbrother calls his aunt "uncle" jill...

just trying to make you feel better....

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
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Im not even sure at this point.

But you crack me up.

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Hee Hee, at least he isn't a soccer mom!

Like at the dollar tree!!

Haha, I am not the only genderconfused little bastard now am I. I'm proud of you. Haha, you're a little boy. What am I the pedophile now.

Ok fine I'll stop teasing you now.

Well, continue having fun in mexico with the little kid who thinks you're a guy.

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I can not tell you who I AM,

I can not tell you who I AM, just as you can not tell me who I AM, for I AM is lost in the translation of language itself.

*Is amused like whoa*