Thoughts for the Day

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Here's my preface: I'm not a pussy.

Anyways. So I was supposed to go to the dance with T but he had to work so it didn't work out. Instead I tried to help G get a dress because I had some but none of them fit. Then we tried to cash a check, but it didn't work out.

The dance did end up being fun. I hung out with people like E (has the same name as me), A, and J. All very cool people, by the way.

So I saw S there (the girl I went to dinner with) and somehow I had her number wrong in her phone. I'm glad I fixed this problem. More dates. Yayness.

So yeah. I wore a skirt. It was pretty, okay. I was making a statement by not being as formal as other people. I don't like prom dresses anyways so it worked out.

Apparently the American Cancer Society's tshirt that says "Save the Tatas" is objectifying women. I am offensive apparently. I don't even have shirt. I don't even know why people in the LGBT center hate me so much. They probably want me to come out again or something. It's probably a good idea.

Here are some things that should not be taken offensively:

1. Save the tatas (they want to save people's live for heaven's sake)
2. "Yo hablo espanol (I am not assuming you don't speak English. I'm a Spanish major and I wanted to practice my spanish with spanish-speakers.)
3. Alcohol should not be used as therapy (I was just trying to be a friend.)

That's all I can think of for now.

My political incorectness amazes you.