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I think I have a crush... On one of my best friends.
But I think she might be closeted or something... It's just the way she looks at me and my friend X. I'll call her C.
Over the weekend, I was thinking about her a lot. And now, today... It's like I've never seen her before. It's kinda eerie.

Anyways. I feel confused, for some reason.
It's the first time I've had a crush on a girl...


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When you say eerie, do you feel a cold tension between C and you or is it because of your feelings. As for closeted, I wonder if you are saying that she has hinted at attraction to girls or you think she might. Anyway cheers for your feelings, it can be fun as long as it does not truly crush the spirit. Sometimes playing around with no intent to rip open the closet can open it anyways. I would right good luck, but you are better than luck as long as you truly desire her company.