Ugh, I'm sick

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I have a UTI, and I'm sick to my stomach.
I had a sharp pain in my back and near my hip yesterday and it got progressively worse so I went to the doctor. My friends were laughing at me a joking about me being pregnant. I just thought I had a catch in my back, but no, it's a UTI. Anyway, I'm going to lay down and try to get some rest. Make me feel better. :(


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hugs make everything better!

hugs make everything better! (what's a UTI?) fell betterz!
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I have no idea what UTI is

I have no idea what UTI is but I do hope you feel better. I have a sinus infection. It sucks.
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I'm pretty sure a UTI is a

I'm pretty sure a UTI is a urinary tract infection. It does sound painful, and I hope you feel better soon. I heard cranberry juice helps!

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You're right about what it is and that it is painful.
Thanks for your comment.