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Okay so I didn't tell you about Friday night. I went to the club with B (the cute boy) and I realized that he's just not my type. This is good because we've been friends since high school and I wouldn't want to ruin that.

At the club, I was supposed to be the DD but somehow that didn't work out too well. I kept sipping his drinks and the like. Not a good idea. When we drove home, after a bit of me attempting to keep my eyes open at 3 in the morning, I made him drive home. I was the one who had to work at 7:30 in the morning so he should've let me get a little shut eye anyways.

All I have is an online final (that's due tomorrow) and I'm done for the semester. I'm way excited. I get about a week off and then spring semester starts.

So I might be getting an apartment with this one girl, S. She's cool. She's a lesbian which is cool. I'm a fan, for some reason. Not that I'm attracted to her (It's possible I like both sexes but I'm not sure at the moment).

I found my ScarJo pics from Seventeen Magazine today. Prettyful : ) I have some more someplace else, but I'm not sure where. I have this collage that I made a while ago with all these really attractive women from fashion mags. Fun stuff.

I'm way excited. I may be living in the dorms this fall. I know I'm kind of old for it, but it's better than living at my parent's house. It's also supposedly an upperclassmen dorm. The concept sounds nice.

I did some sketching today. It's a horrible drawing but I'm okay with that.

I turned my paper in 10 minutes after it was due. I think it'll be okay with my professor. He's not that strict when it comes to deadlines.

Okay, well, have a good week. Signing off.

Oh yeah. One question: if I'm attracted to a transwoman, does that mean that I'm attracted to her womanliness or her manliness?