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oopsy...i accidentally sheduled three dates for the same time bad. i cancelled was hard to cancel coz i actually wanted to meet the guy...but in the end i picked the guy who's best whatever way...maybe he's just the hottest...or we got along the best...or he's the nicest..i dunno, but i picked him. i've recently picked up another 4 my grand total man juggling right now is 8 or 9...depending on wheather i still count this one guy as in the picture of not :S...who cares really...

aviv is making me sad, and he knows it and apologises and i hate it, why does he have to be so perfect and yet such an asshole? why can't he just be an asshole or be perfect...why both? it's hard to explain, he's officially torturing me though, he knows it, i know it, neither of us wants it, neither of us is doing it deliberately, but there it is. as soon as this painting is finished so are we....he's getting serious with his girlfriend too and infidelity is not exactly something i want on my conscience....particularly not with'll dirty an otherwise perfectly clean relationship...friendship...connection...whatever.

anyway i best be going to my date...tell you about it soonish.
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maybe you were dazzled by

maybe you were dazzled by each one's hotness that it confundled you and you forgot the other dates O.o'
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bet that happens to you all

bet that happens to you all the time?

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