weirdness, dude.

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last night; tuesday night. 30 Mar. 2009
i had the most weirdASSest dream that i think that i have ever had.
i'll tell it to you:

i was with my gf, uncle dave, and uncle jason. my uncle dave rented a room for all of us to stay at in a resort-looking place the the night. it seemed like a spring break kinda vacation 'cause there was a lot of people at the place, moreso young people than older.
we all unpacked and made plans to go watch a movie at the theater, the guys went out to get some things done while me and my gf stayed in the room, which led to a semi-"intimate" moment before her dad (uncle dave) came back into the room. we were all ready to go and were close to the theater when i realized that i didn't have my slippers on and i decided to meet up with them when i got my slippers.

i went back to the room to find out that it wasn't our room, but after looking in a few other rooms i realized that i was lost and couldn't find the room.
i decided to try go back and look for them but they weren't to be found at the theater so i looked at the other places in the resort and found a waterpark area, where i found my sister swimming nxt to these girls who were trying to breakdance in the water. (yea wtf?)
i decided to stick with her for awhile until i decided to try and look again for my gf. i ended up finding my gf at a club (it was nighttime already), which seemed like a gay club 'cause there were lots of couples around and people who were hitting on me.
my gf was standing nxt to this girl that i went to school with, her name is amy, and here were butchy looking girls nxt to them. i went up nxt to my gf and hugged her. the girls around were just staring at me like they wanted some of me, then this girl came up and grabbed my arm tellng me that i should be with her but i shoved her away and went to hug my gf from behind to findnout she was holding amy from behind and when i asked her what she was doing she said that they always do that win eachother, but i didn't care and took her away from amy.
the girls around us suggested spin the bottle, which was actually a box but whatever. so they spun it and it landed on my gf and all these girls came up and started kissing her and touching her and she wasn't even fighting them off but going through with it.

i was pissed off at this time and said that i was done with her, she tried to stop me but anoher girl just started kissing her and then she didn't even notice i was gone. i was really pissed and just started walking. my gf ended up calling me up when i entered another club to tell me that she saw her 2 exes and that she was happy that she got to be with them and i hung up not wanting to hear it.

AHHHHH okay...the dream isn't done but that part just makes my blood boil.
i woke up and had to tell my gf.
i just felt like i had a lot of adrenaline running through me and anger.
but i couldn't take it out on her cause it was only a dream.
a very bad dream.
it has just shaken me up the whole day.
and the one thing that freaked me out was what one of the girls told me when she was hitting on me in the dream.
she walked up to me and said, "hey baby why don you come over here and climb ontop of my fingers?" and she held up her two fingers.

i that was the most stupidest&disrepectful thing any could say to someone:

it's still stuck in my head.



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Damn. And I thought I had

Damn. And I thought I had crazy weird dreams...

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