Your Eggo Is Prego

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My shit with my ex is sort of worked out? Well...lets put it this way, we aren't talking about her issues with pot. And have moved on to commiserating about our family. Divorced parents kind of stuff.

I found out that my good friend that moved two years ago, I love her so much, but she doesn't get to visit often. She's pregnant. She just found out. She's keeping the baby. She's going to come back to have it around Xmas.

My friend... if you can call him that.. he broke up with his long time gf. Called *my* ex in tears over his break-up and then they apparently talked about how he finds me attractive and wants to sleep with me. *facepalm* I not only don't find him attractive, I think he's a sleeze for breaking up with his gf... well his reasoning for it, and that being that he can't go that long without sex (b/c they're going to different schools next year). She's a really sweet girl, or so everyone says. So I feel bad for her, but I don't feel bad on like a level where I feel responsible because I know it isn't my fault (even if I have to keep saying it).

The guy that likes me.. the one that I kind of like was giving me a hard time because apparently I ditched school yesterday (which I didn't). He says this because I didn't meet him between classes to hug him because I didn't see him. But then he wasn't there today even though he said he would meet me in a very specific place because he wanted a hug... I don't know why he didn't just hug me then though. Weird. I like him except that he had nine days left of school and I don't want to get involved with that. There really can't be a future.

Finally... the final drama of my so called love life. I think I have a crush on this girl. I'm bi, so it's okay. And she's gay, she's out and everything, we both are. I have like one problem. . . She's two years younger than me, well almost three which means she's closer to my sister's age than my own (my sister is going to be a freshman next year, so I think about these things). Not that I don't have lots of things in common with her, it's just means that our classes are totally different and it's so looked down upon to date underclassmen (unless it is the token senior/freshman stealing of virginity... and even then...).

I think it's that the more I think about it, the more it is a problem. And she's one of my only gay friends... that I see like on a regular basis, or rather like go to school with and am friends with, most of them are in college or live in my computer. And I don't want a relationship to form... like a romantic one to form JUST because we are both gay and in the same place... physically. But I think that there are things like sexual issues that could be a big problem. I'm not a virgin, and I don't know her status of things. She's kind of young, I'm not really all that old, so I don't want to like steal her innocence even if she isn't necessarily like the innocent type of girl. And while sex isn't everything, I find it to be an important aspect of dating someone.

I think I just talk to much.. and think too much.